Is the Government Fudging Unemployment Numbers?

What is the True Unemployment Rate?

Comparing Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers to an Independent Source

BLS_vs_Gallup_Unemployment_3_Mar2016There has been a lot of talk about the validity of the government generated unemployment numbers created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and what is the true unemployment rate. Generally, we look at the Employment numbers rather than the Unemployment Rate because they are much more accurate. We’ve looked at Employment vs. Unemployment to see how they compare and we’ve looked at U-6 (total labor force including those who’ve given up looking) vs. U-3 (those who are still actively looking).  The U-3 unemployment rate is the commonly quoted one. But the one problem is that all that data comes from the government. If they are fudging the numbers how would we know? Unless as we’ve noted before there are inconsistencies between the Unemployment and Employment Charts. But we  [Continue reading]

March Jobs Data

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their employment data for the month of March 2016. The adjusted U-3 unemployment rate was 5.0% up from 4.9% in February. The unadjusted U-3 unemployment rate was 5.1% while the Gallup survey says the unadjusted U-3 was actually a full 1% higher at 6.1%.  See: Unemployment Rate Chart

U-6 Unemployment

The BLS says the broader U-6 unemployment rate that includes short term “discouraged workers” was 9.9% while Gallup says the rate is really 14.4%.

Meanwhile, according to [Continue reading]

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February Unemployment Flat


February Unemployment Rate (Seasonally Adjusted) The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their employment data for February on Friday March 4th 2016. The commonly used seasonally adjusted U-3 Unemployment Rate was 4.9% identical to … [Continue reading]

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