Type A Personality? Some Jobs for You to Consider

Type A personalities tend to be career- and goal-oriented. They are laser-focused on achieving goals and are considered risk takers. They’re often competitive, driven and controlling. While this can lead to stress, it can be channeled into avenues that can lead to success. If you have a type A personality, you will need to find the ideal career path that works best for your strengths, or you’ll likely experience disappointment, stress and discomfort. Below are some possibilities when considering career paths:


Type A PersonalityWhile some people are not cut out for having their own business and flourishing, Type A personalities thrive in [Continue reading]

MSN Picks Up Our Theme of “The Real Unemployment Rate”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published the July Employment/Unemployment numbers on August 5th .

  • The seasonally adjusted U-3 (the commonly quoted unemployment rate) was  unchanged at 4.9%.
  • BLS’ Unadjusted U-3 was also unchanged at 5.1%.
  • BLS’ Unadjusted U-6 increased 0.2% to 10.1%
  • Gallup’s unadjusted U-3 fell from 5.4% to join the BLS’ 5.1%.
  • Gallup’s U-6 fell from  13.4% to 12.7% to remain 2.6% higher than the BLS’ U-6.

Meanwhile, MSN’s CNBC decided to enter the fray and help “clarify” the confusing employment situation with an article entitled Now that you know the official jobs number, here’s the real unemployment rate“. Unfortunately, this article may do more to confuse than to clarify.

In the article author Nicholas Wells delves into the possibility that the U-3 is not as important as the U-6… which [Continue reading]

Whose Unemployment Numbers are Right?


What is the True Unemployment Rate? Although up until recently the difference wasn’t massive it does appear that the BLS data is biased to the low side compared to the independently surveyed Gallup numbers. However, like the previous two summers the … [Continue reading]

Employment and Unemployment Rates Jump in June???

June 2016 Unemployment rate

On Friday July  8th, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their newest unemployment data for June 2016.  According to the BLS, the current “Seasonally Adjusted” Unemployment Rate is 4.9% up from 4.7% for May. The current “Unadjusted” … [Continue reading]

Business Process Outsourcing (Infographic)


What is Business Process Outsourcing? Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the external contracting of services such as data management, accounting and creative design with a service provider. In contrast, manufacturing outsourcing involves … [Continue reading]

Prospecting for Success


It's the rare business that doesn't want to increase sales and thus increase profits. Of course the most obvious way to increase sales is to get more prospects. However, prospects don't just materialize out of thin air... you need a strategy to … [Continue reading]

6 Great Jobs for Left-Brained People

Smart ID-100254840

The left brain-right brain theory began with the work of 1981 Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry. Generally speaking, the left side of the brain tends to control many aspects of language, logic, learning and information processing. People who are … [Continue reading]

May’s “Terrible” Jobs Report

Labor Force Participation Rate

On June 3rd the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its "surprisingly weak" monthly Employment Report which the media is touting as "terrible".  According to the media "only 38,000 jobs were created" in the month of May. Although experts were … [Continue reading]

How to use International Commerce to get your Business “Booming”

How to use International Commerce to get your Business Booming

Untapped markets throughout the world are waiting for a product or service like yours. The problem is, you either don’t know they need what you have to offer and or you have no idea how to get it to the appropriate markets. While these are common … [Continue reading]

5 Things Employers Wish You Knew Before Applying For a Job


Some maintain there has never been a wider gulf between employers and job candidates than there is right now. While this is debatable, there can be no doubt job hunting in the 21st century bears little to no resemblance to the job hunts of the … [Continue reading]