Employment and Unemployment Rates Jump in June???

June 2016 Unemployment rateOn Friday July  8th, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their newest unemployment data for June 2016.  According to the BLS, the current “Seasonally Adjusted” Unemployment Rate is 4.9% up from 4.7% for May. The current “Unadjusted” rate is 5.1% up from 4.5% in May.

In an interesting twist, although total non-farm payroll employment increased by 287,000 in June, the unemployment rate also rose to 4.9 percent from 4.7%. [Continue reading]

Whose Unemployment Numbers are Right?

What is the True Unemployment Rate?

Although up until recently the difference wasn’t massive it does appear that the BLS data is biased to the low side compared to the independently surveyed Gallup numbers. However, like the previous two summers the gap between the BLS and the Gallup numbers closed for June 2016 with the BLS Unadjusted U-3 coming in at 5.1% and the Gallup numbers coming is at 5.4%.

Comparing Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers to an Independent Source

BLS_vs_Gallup_Unemployment_3_Jun2016There has been a lot of talk about the validity of the government generated unemployment numbers created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and what is the true unemployment rate. Generally, we look at the Employment numbers rather than the Unemployment Rate because they are much more accurate. We’ve looked at Employment vs. Unemployment to see how they compare and we’ve looked at U-6 (total labor force including those who’ve given up looking) vs. U-3 (those who are still actively looking).  The U-3 unemployment rate is the commonly quoted one. But the one problem is that all that data comes from the government. If they are fudging the numbers how would we know? Unless as we’ve noted before there are inconsistencies between the Unemployment and Employment Charts. But we  [Continue reading]

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May’s “Terrible” Jobs Report

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On June 3rd the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its "surprisingly weak" monthly Employment Report which the media is touting as "terrible".  According to the media "only 38,000 jobs were created" in the month of May. Although experts were … [Continue reading]

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