Unemployment Down but Fewer People Working?

On Friday January 9th the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Unemployment Data for December 2014. According to the BLS the Current Unemployment Rate (Seasonally adjusted) for December was 5.6% down from 5.8% in November.

Along the same lines we see the Unadjusted Unemployment rates fall from 5.5% to 5.4% at first that seems to make sense. But if we look at the Current Employment Data we will see a different picture. According to the BLS there were 141,256,000 people employed in December and 141,321,000 employed in November that is a net loss of 65,000 jobs… some of that can be explained by the typical employment peak which ends after Black-Friday. Because employment typically peaks in November the “Seasonally Adjusted” numbers adjust for that and so it is understandable that the Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate could fall while actual employment was falling… but how can unadjusted unemployment fall with fewer people actually working? [Continue reading]

Is the Government Fudging Unemployment Numbers?

What is the True Unemployment Rate?

Comparing Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers to an Independent Source

There has been a lot of talk about the validity of the government generated unemployment numbers created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Generally, we look at the Employment numbers rather than the Unemployment Rate because they are much more accurate. We’ve looked at Employment vs. Unemployment to see how they compare and we’ve looked at U-6 (total labor force including those who’ve given up looking) vs. U-3 (those who are still actively looking).  The U-3 unemployment rate is the commonly quoted one. But the one problem is that all that data comes from the government. If they are fudging the numbers how would we know? Unless as we’ve noted before there are inconsistencies between the Unemployment and Employment Charts. But we  [Continue reading]

Taking Your New Business to the Next Level

Taking Your Business to the next level

Getting a new business off the ground is a tremendous achievement, as many small businesses fail in the first year. After establishing a beginning level of success, however, it's not a good idea to rest on past laurels. Rather, it is important to … [Continue reading]

Careers High School Grads Should Consider


After graduation, many of your friends leave for college to earn a degree. And while you might have considered college yourself, it may not be for you. Whether you’re still saving, or just don’t have the time, college may not be in the cards right … [Continue reading]

November Unemployment Rate Flat


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the November Unemployment figures on December 5th. The Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate was 5.8% the same as the October. The Unadjusted Unemployment rate was also flat at 5.5% for … [Continue reading]

A Changing Economy = Changing Job Opportunities

Printers Type Box

​In a recent issue of Outside the Box author John Mauldin told a story of life when he was growing up and how it created an opportunity for him to earn some extra money while he was going to college. But today things have changed so much that young … [Continue reading]

The Biggest Threat to U.S. Jobs


 Today’s Outside the Box comes from Sam Rines of Chilton Capital Management in Houston, TX – a promising young economics contributor to The National Interest and a rising star who I met at Worth Wray’s wedding a few weeks ago and it didn’t take much … [Continue reading]

October Unemployment Figures


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the October Unemployment figures on November 7th. The Seasonally Adjusted Unemployment Rate was 5.8% down from 5.9% in September. The Unadjusted Unemployment rate was also down from 5.7% in September … [Continue reading]

Rewiring Your Resume: The Skills You Need to Market Yourself

Resume- 3870577923_d19c5421ef_m

Writing a successful resume requires descriptions of the applicable skills you possess, supported by clear examples in a work history. Blanketing a resume with a wide skill set is a common mistake many people make when writing their resumes. Most … [Continue reading]

Reconsidering Your Resume: Five Ways to Sell Yourself Better


When you are trying to construct a good resume, you need to make sure you are using your resume to speak to your skills and attributes and sell yourself to a new employer. The five ideas below are all designed to make your resume look better, and you … [Continue reading]