Tips for Climbing Your Way to the Top of the Ladder

Whether you start with a High School degree or a Master’s degree there are avenues to successful careers. Here are 4 different paths to climbing the corporate ladder including where they start and where they end, along with the positions and salaries along the way.

Starting With a High School Degree

Entry-level position: Administrative assistant

One of the few corporate positions open to holders of high school diplomas, administrative assistants perform clerical and organizational duties for other staff. There’s room to move up, but it can require up to five years.

Annual median pay: $36,500

Tip: Show up on time and prepared

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Financial Solutions for Unemployed Dads

Unemployed DadsWhile people often view mothers who stay home with their children in a positive way, they may look down on stay at home dads. When you lose your job, it can take months until you find another one. This can be stressful and financially difficult for unemployed dads.

Unemployment is stressful and depressing, between applying for jobs, searching for positions online, going through phone interviews and meeting with HR directors, in addition to finding ways to pay your bills and cover your financial responsibilities, you need to plan for future financial emergencies. The one upside you might look forward to spending some time at home with your kids.

Unemployed Dads Work from Home

There are thousands of jobs that you can do from home. U-Haul, 1-800-Flowers and other companies hire workers to answer phone calls and take orders from home. With the growing virtual employment sector at sites like freelancer say that you can browse over 600 categories of jobs including programming, web development, design, writing, data entry & more. While some of these jobs can pay well over $10 an hour, keep in mind that you’re usually responsible for paying your own taxes based off how much you make. You could also start your own business doing landscaping, babysitting or even pet walking from home.

Unemployed Dads Should Be Prepared

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August Unemployment Numbers- 4.9%

Unemployment Rate

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Unemployment numbers for the month of August on Friday September 2nd. The commonly quoted Seasonally Adjusted U-3 Unemployment rate was 4.9% for the third month in a row. The unadjusted U-3 … [Continue reading]

Whose Unemployment Numbers are Right?

BLS vs Gallup Unemployment numbers

What is the True Unemployment Rate? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Gallup Survey people both generate numbers to help us understand the employment/unemployment situation. Unfortunately, they often present a different picture. Typically … [Continue reading]

Type A Personality? Some Jobs for You to Consider

Type A Personality

Type A personalities tend to be career- and goal-oriented. They are laser-focused on achieving goals and are considered risk takers. They're often competitive, driven and controlling. While this can lead to stress, it can be channeled into avenues … [Continue reading]

MSN Picks Up Our Theme of “The Real Unemployment Rate”

Jobs Increase2

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published the July Employment/Unemployment numbers on August 5th . The seasonally adjusted U-3 (the commonly quoted unemployment rate) was  unchanged at 4.9%. BLS' Unadjusted U-3 was also unchanged at 5.1%. … [Continue reading]

Employment and Unemployment Rates Jump in June???

June 2016 Unemployment rate

On Friday July  8th, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their newest unemployment data for June 2016.  According to the BLS, the current “Seasonally Adjusted” Unemployment Rate is 4.9% up from 4.7% for May. The current “Unadjusted” … [Continue reading]

Business Process Outsourcing (Infographic)


What is Business Process Outsourcing? Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the external contracting of services such as data management, accounting and creative design with a service provider. In contrast, manufacturing outsourcing involves … [Continue reading]

Prospecting for Success


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6 Great Jobs for Left-Brained People

Smart ID-100254840

The left brain-right brain theory began with the work of 1981 Nobel Prize winner Roger W. Sperry. Generally speaking, the left side of the brain tends to control many aspects of language, logic, learning and information processing. People who are … [Continue reading]