5 Tips to Manage House Payments While You’re Unemployed

Manage Mortgage When UnemployedWhile you may not look forward to going to work every morning, it does provide the income that you need to make the mortgage payment. However, if you are out of work, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately look to sell the family home. Obviously, the best solution would be to plan ahead and pay into an emergency fund which optimally would cover 6 months of living expenses. But what if you weren’t that farsighted?

Here are some ways to manage the mortgage payment until you can get back to work:

1) Apply for Unemployment Benefits

The first thing to do when you become unemployed is to apply for unemployment benefits through your state unemployment agency. Often it takes time to be eligible for benefits or to wade through all the “red tape” before you actually get your benefits. So it pays to start early. Unemployment benefits vary by state with high cost states like Massachusetts paying as much as $993 per week for 30 weeks. But most states limit benefits to a maximum of 26 weeks  and pay less than $500 per week. Note: While you are collecting unemployment benefits might be a good time to acquire new skills that make you more employable. See: Highly Skilled Worker Shortage in a Recession?

2) Call the Lender

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When is Moving for a Career Worth It?

In the current job marketplace, more people are being forced to consider relocating in order to either find the job of their dreams or even just to find any job at all. With every passing year, the idea of remaining with the same employer for decades has become more the exception and much less the rule. While moving on to greener pastures can be alluring, knowing when to make the leap is important. To determine whether or not relocating is the right call to make, it pays to keep the following things in mind.

New Expenses

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Unemployment Inches Up

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Is the U.S. Really at “Full Employment”?

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Whose Unemployment Numbers are Right?

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November Unemployment Rates- Economic Confidence Up After Election

Gallup Economic Confidence

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