Online Electronic Storage

Storing paper copies can be cumbersome and takes a lot of space. These days a successful business needs a good electronic archival system.

How to Make Moving From Hardcopies to Online Storage Easier

Cloud_ComputingMany companies are understandably apprehensive when starting the process of giving up paper hard copies and moving to digital files. Online storage will hopefully save time, money, and future frustrations, but getting there can be the hardest part. Below explains how to ensure a smooth transition for your employees and business as a whole. Before you become too reliant on digital copies Bedrock IT services in Ottawa recommends that you have a managed services program on hand, to ensure 24/7 reliability of your business computers, servers and networks. They also recommend protection for your online data with a good security system and anti-spam and malware services.


If possible, [Continue reading]

June Unemployment Data

Current Unemployment Rate ChartThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the newest unemployment data for June 2015 on the first Thursday of July (rather than Friday due to the holiday).  According to the BLS, the current “Seasonally Adjusted” Unemployment Rate for June is 5.3% down from May’s 5.5%. The BLS reported the “Unadjusted” Unemployment Rate is 5.5% which is  lower than January’s 6.1% equal to last October’s unadjusted 5.5% but up from April’s 5.1%. See Current Unemployment Chart and Job Growth Stalls, Labor Participation at 38-Year Low for more information. Employment-2000-Jun-2015The BLS issued their “preliminary estimates” for the employment situation for the month of June 2015. The report states 142.589 million jobs reported. That’s up 455,000 from May. But at the same time they revised the numbers for May down by 58,000 making the real gain (compared to the numbers they reported last month) 397,000. See Current Employment Commentary for more information.

Historical Employment Levels Compared to Recessions

IEmployment Levels 1939-2015n addition to the number of jobs from 1939 through the present this chart shows the recessions shaded blue as per the official description of a “recession” by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Although during some periods which are classified as official recessions the unemployment rate didn’t skyrocket generally, recessions correspond pretty well to declines in employment (i.e. increased Unemployment). This is especially true since unemployment is one of the factors NBER uses to determine whether there is an official recession. But theoretically if all the other factors line up employment could remain steady and the economy could be in a recession. See Employment During Recessions for more information. emp-vs-unemp2010- Jun2015In this chart we compare employment vs. unemployment in an effort to get a more complete picture of the employment situation. Normally, you would think that they should simply be the inverse of each other. Flip one over and you have the other. But the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) actually uses two entirely different surveys to calculate them. And the current chart shows [Continue reading]

Is the Government Fudging Unemployment Numbers?


What is the True Unemployment Rate? Comparing Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers to an Independent Source There has been a lot of talk about the validity of the government generated unemployment numbers created by the U.S. Bureau of Labor … [Continue reading]

May Unemployment Data


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the newest unemployment data for May 2015 on Friday June 5th. According to the BLS, the current “Seasonally Adjusted” Unemployment Rate for May is 5.5% up from April’s 5.4%. The BLS reported the … [Continue reading]

Income Inequality — Why Workers Aren’t Getting Ahead

wages vs GDP

By Windriven Recovery from the Great Recession has been slow and uneven. Six years in and U3 unemployment is finally down to 5.4%, U6 has dipped below 11%. Why are there so few voices claiming victory and why do their claims ring a bit … [Continue reading]

BLS Releases Unemployment Rates for April


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Employment and Unemployment rates for the month of April 2015 on Friday May 8th.  The commonly quoted Seasonally Adjusted U-3 Unemployment rate was 5.4% down slightly from 5.5% in both February and … [Continue reading]

Should The U.S. Worry About Oil Sector Jobs?


Outside of individual's holding oil stocks, damage to the economy from the fall in oil has been pretty minimal so far. Indeed, the price cut in home heating oil and gasoline has probably outweighed the damage from lower oil prices… so far. … [Continue reading]

March 2015 Unemployment Flat


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the March Unemployment figures on Friday April 3rd. According to the BLS the Current Unemployment Rate (Seasonally adjusted) for March was 5.5% unchanged from February. The Unadjusted Unemployment … [Continue reading]

Building Your Own Business

Business Idea

Whenever the unemployment rate climbs people begin to get desperate and many think that this may be the time to strike out on their own (since they can't find a job anyway). Unfortunately, a time when even experienced businesses are struggling and … [Continue reading]

100,000 Layoffs and Counting: Is this the New Normal?

Oil Jobs

This time a year ago, the oil industry's biggest problem was finding a way to deal with the "retirement tsunami" about to crash down on it as older oilfield workers hung up their cork boots to enjoy freedom-55. Now, with oil prices still in the … [Continue reading]