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4 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Civil Servant

Getting a job in the civil service sector can be a good option if you hold all the necessary papers, qualifications, and working experience. Reason being that there are numerous vacancies in line with the civil servant field mainly because the government runs a wide range of departments that are in constant need of proficient skills and competent individuals. 

Outside Hours: When Can Your Lifestyle Affect Your Career?

It’s always good to keep some kind of divide between your work and your social life. Maintaining some boundaries is something we all learn early on in some careers. Unfortunately, there are some activities that can cause major problems for you at work even though they are undertaken on your own personal time. Below are just a few ways your actions off the clock can impact your life while at work.

Long-Term Disability Benefits: How to Manage Finances after an Injury

When you’ve been injured, life can change dramatically, temporarily or permanently. A decreased income can often lead to a lot of financial stress, making recovery more difficult. There are a few things you can do to ease the stress.

Why is Employee Development Important for Small Businesses?

In the corporate environment, there are plenty of opportunities for growth and development. However, on the flipside, it is just as easy to become overworked and stressed out, leading to a series of issues in both your personal and professional life. Although the anonymity of working within larger corporations can be a great way to […]

4 Signs Your Personality is Perfect for a Criminal Justice Career

Criminal justice programs are common at most universities and community colleges around the country. They are also quite popular with students. But is it the right career path for you to pursue? These four signs might mean that your personality is perfect for a criminal justice career.

Making A Difference: 3 Jobs That Will Satisfy Your Inner Humanitarian

If you’re like most people, helping others makes you feel good as well. Why not make it a career? Most careers work to make human lives a little bit easier, although some are more focused on this goal than most. If you have an inner humanitarian who needs satisfying, look into these three jobs.

October Unemployment Rate Down Again

On Friday November 3rd the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their monthly employment survey results for the month of October. According to the BLS, the current “Seasonally Adjusted” Unemployment Rate for October is 4.1% DOWN from 4.2% in September and 4.4% in August. Seasonally Adjusted U-3 unemployment was 4.8% in January and 4.9% a year ago (October 2016). The current “Unadjusted” rate is 3.9% down from 4.1% in September and 4.5% in August. Unadjusted U-3 was 5.1% in January and 4.7%  a year ago (October 2016).