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Creative Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty and Job Satisfaction

Happy employees will promote the company they work for, whereas disgruntled employees will only do sub-par work and may be inclined to steal from or defraud the company. Given these crucial points, it is important that business owners identify ways to increase employee loyalty.

7 Tips to Cutting Business Expenses

Business expenses can quickly spin out of control and cause you, the proprietor, quite a bit of undue stress. So, how do you prevent it and more importantly how do you get back the monetary control that you need in order to keep your business healthy? Pay Attention to Even the Smallest Business Expenses The […]

Business Casual: Dress for Success

For many companies today, business casual is the norm. However, because it’s still important for all employees to project a professional image. Knowing what clothing works best as business casual can be an important factor in enhancing your career prospects. On the other hand, if you get it wrong you just might hurt your image […]