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What it Takes to Get a Job in Healthcare

Jobs in healthcare have a large number of entry points, depending on the type of job you intend to get. Healthcare jobs are in high demand currently, and as the population ages, the demand for these jobs is only going to increase. Here are some tips to get you started in your job search and […]

Job Related Cancer Risks

Over the years one of the highest risks of exposure to hazardous chemicals has been in the work environment. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has developed a list of the top priority substances to be aware of.  This priority list is not a list of “most toxic” substances, but rather a prioritization of substances […]

Demanding Jobs: Rigorous Physical Careers

Working conditions have improved immensely in recent decades. Much has changed since the Industrial Revolution days, when workers had no choice but to endure perilous machinery, and exposure to toxic chemicals. However, the issues of workplace health and safety are far from resolved. By their very nature, many jobs still expose employees to physical hazards and/or […]

Changing Directions: Five Careers to Get You Ahead

As the economy continues to repair itself after the fallout of the 2008 mortgage crisis, many workers are finding that a new career, or a career switch is becoming an ever-more attractive idea. There are many ways to switch careers or begin new paths in life, and here are just a few career options for […]

6 Reasons Employers Prefer Experience

After you’ve spent years studying, you may think that your degree will be all that potential employers are interested in. However, a study carried out by High Fliers, a graduate recruitment research company, reveals that graduates with work experience, or who have undertaken an internship while at university, are much more successful in securing employment. […]

A Look at Jobs in the Computer Repair Industry

With the ever-evolving advances in technology, people upgrade to newer computer models as soon as they hit the market. However, even with all of the bells and whistles a new computer offers, most users only need a basic operating system for their daily computer use. Many individuals who require only the basics for their personal […]

The 7 “P’s” Job Interview Tips

The hardest part of getting any job is the application and interview process. This is the part where you have to show that you are better than the dozens or even hundreds of other applicants. At this stage it is essential to illustrate your particular skills, show the qualifications you have and the industry training […]

Questions Regarding U.K. Employment Law and PILON

Can I receive my payment in lieu of notice tax free in a settlement agreement? A settlement agreement will often bring an employee’s employment to an end without the need to work the notice period.  Instead, the employee receives a payment based on what they would have earned during their notice period. This is known […]