Archives for July 2013

Dressing for Success at Job Interviews for Men

According to psychological studies, when someone gets up to speak to a room full of people, an incredible 75% of the interest they generate in the first few minutes is entirely dependent on whether they look like they are worth listening to. Put that into an interview situation and your chance of landing that job is […]

What Is Pre Pack Administration and How is it Saving Jobs in the UK?

Although there are a number of tools to track unemployment statistics here at home and abroad in the UK, there is no doubt that the current economic climate has caused thousands of workers to lose their jobs. Companies are fighting insolvency at every step of the way, and most are hard-pressed to find a way […]

Four Touches that Give a Business Personality

In the modern economy, it is not enough for businesses to be good at what they do; with so much competition they must also be unique. People need to feel that a business is relatable. Customers should describe businesses as if they were describing friends. This is how loyalty is built: by infusing a business with […]

Teaching Assistant: The Next Best Thing to Being a Teacher

Teaching Assistants often lead rewarding careers in education.  People who enjoy being around children and helping them learn find that TA jobs can be enriching experiences.  Such positions are also a great way to determine if working in an academic setting is the right life-long career choice.  While entry-level TAs can become valuable supports for […]