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Government Salaries 35% Higher than Private Industry in 2012

EMPLOYMENT COST INDEX – DECEMBER 2012 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released their employment cost index for the 2012 year on January 31st, 2013.  It included both annual data and information on salary costs for the last quarter for Civilian workers which is composed of two major sectors i.e. Private Industry Workers and State […]

Should You Pursue a Sports Agent Career?

Sports Agent Career If you’re passionate about sports and you’re business-minded with a knack for negotiating, a career as a sports agent may be the perfect fit for you. A career as a sports agent may sound both glamorous and lucrative, but without the proper education, experience, and background knowledge, it could become a downfall […]

Teaching College Online

Online teaching jobs have become a viable work-from-home alternative for many people. Let’s look at the best web resources for teaching jobs, some featured sites and why every prospective teacher should be using it to find a job. Teaching College Online – Requirements The requirements for obtaining an online teaching job in an e-instruction institution are […]

Health Insurance Options for Unemployed Workers

Health Insurance Options- Finding yourself without a job is stressful. There are many decisions to make when you are unexpectedly laid off, and the worries are overwhelming. Healthcare – or lack thereof – often tops the list of concerns for the newly unemployed. Although many people automatically opt for COBRA coverage after learning that their […]

Australian Mining Companies – Career Opportunity and Great Income

Australian mining companies provide a large number of jobs for both skilled and unskilled people from all over the world. The industry is characterized as one of the most open sectors in the world where foreigners get equal opportunities to earn income as locals. Your position is determined strictly by your qualifications and experience in the mining industry. In order […]

Is the Trucking Industry Going Under?

Bread. Clothing. Gasoline. You need all of these things, but they all depend on the trucking industry. With uncertain gasoline prices and the country still trying to claw its way out of a recession, the trucking industry faces serious challenges on all sides. The shipping, airline, and railroad industries all need the same business that […]

How Redundancy Insurance Can Help You Cope With the Risk of Unemployment

Editor’s Note: In the U.K. unemployment insurance is called redundancy insurance and it is available from private insurers. In the U.S. although there is State Unemployment Insurance it is difficult if not impossible to find supplemental (private) unemployment insurance although John Hartline, an insurance industry veteran, tried to get insurance companies to provide it, as reported […]

How to be Motivated at Work

Your first job is often an exciting and electrifying experience, having set the milestone towards a hopefully vibrant and successful career. Over your first year on the job you are introduced to some rigors but you are bent on achieving results that exceeded your employer’s expectations. The novelty of the experience makes vitality spring forth into your working veins, […]

Straight Talk for Youth Seeking to Thrive

If you are a young person seeking a job or a “better job” this article by Dennis Miller gives you some critical advice on the activities and attitudes that will allow you to get ahead in today’s world. “The key to success is so simple. I can’t understand why more people don’t catch on. Working […]

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Advocating for the System: What’s it Like to Be an Eligibility Worker?

If you’ve never had to apply for government assistance such as welfare, food stamps, disability, or unemployment benefits, the world of federal aid might be very foreign to you. But in reality, about half the population of the United States lives in a household where at least one person gets some form of government aid. […]