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Self-Employment Assistance Program Help Jobless Develop Small Businesses

The acronym SEA stands for Self-Employment Assistance, self employment programs that entitle jobless individuals to claim unemployment benefits while receiving access to small business development assistance from the government. In other words, American workers can use unemployment as a springboard to business ownership thanks to the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Act signed into […]

Job Interviews: The Five Most Common Types

A job interview is ideally the occasion that both you the interviewee and the interviewer use to assess and measure each other to see if the other is the right fit (as the employer or employee). Employers have a number of select methods that they use to conduct effective interviews. The method used may be […]

Use Facebook for your Job Search?

Need a job? Have you considered using Facebook to find work? Social networking sites today are not just for sharing informal information.  Facebook, can also be a powerful tool that can lead you to a job.  Because millions of people use Facebook, take advantage of it and put your job search efforts on a success track. With […]

Becoming a Home Health Care Administrator

  Patients prefer home care over an extended stay in a hospital or nursing home, and for the elderly, home care can actually be the more affordable option. Home health care agencies provide skilled nurses and medical workers to oversee older patients who need constant care and may be approaching the end of their lives. […]

5 Best Male Nursing Jobs

Are Male Nursing Jobs Different?- You may think that men enjoy different jobs than women when it comes to nursing. In reality, people love the different nursing careers because of their personality, not because of their gender. If you’re a man and are considering entering the nursing profession, there is no better time than now. The […]

5 Qualities of a Great Police Officer That May Surprise You

Police Officers Job Description- What kind of person is cut out for a career in police work? You might have an idea of who you imagine the perfect officer to be – strong, fit, authoritative, and able to face the most dangerous situations. But it takes more than physical qualities to be a police officer. Police […]

Does Usage Based Car Insurance Offer a Route to Lower Rates?

Usage-Based Car Insurance For most American drivers, car insurance is not only legally mandated but is a real necessity. However, it’s now becoming possible to sign up for as pay-as-you-drive, or usage based car insurance. If you don’t drive very much, it can give you lower rates. However, there are certain things to know before you […]

Shortcuts to a Good Job: Online Certificate Programs, Career Training or Community College?

Attending a big University may seem like the American dream. But there are many obstacles to completing college. For some, it could be the cost while for others, they simply don’t have the time to sit through four years of school. Someone with small children who desperately needs a better income may not be able to attend a traditional […]

7 Tips for the Newly Unemployed

Newly Unemployed?  Losing your job can be devastating–especially if you weren’t expecting it. Searching for another job can be time consuming in 2012 the average duration of unemployment was 40.2 weeks. So you need to put your finances in order immediately. If you are newly unemployed, the following tips will help you keep your head above […]

Becoming an International Business Manager

A Career in International Business Management can be a great way to learn more about different cultures, speak new languages or meet a variety of different people. In addition to great leadership and communication skills, international managers will need background knowledge in business and plenty of cultural sensitivity. In order to become an international manager, […]