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Highly Skilled Worker Shortage in a Recession?

Could Vocational Training Solve Unemployment? The shortage of  highly skilled workers became a global concern several years ago and continues to grow despite the emergence of an economic recession. A report compiled by Deloitte for the Manufacturing Industry shows 600,000 jobs in the U.S. need employees who are skilled in various jobs. The number is […]

State Employment and Unemployment Rates- September 2012

Unemployment Rates by State- The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released the individual state unemployment rates and once again North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rates… literally begging for employees.   They have “man camps” where men from all over the country are showing up and parking RV’s and cashing in on the high paying […]

Unemployment, Part-time Workers and Obamacare

When the most recent unemployment data was released just a couple of days after the second Presidential debate, there was some speculation that the numbers were “rigged” or “fudged”. We’ve been saying for a long time that even though they should be two sides of the same coin, the “Employment” numbers don’t track with the “Unemployment” numbers. See: […]

5 Excellent Tips to Ace your Next Phone Interview

Companies are increasingly finding it difficult to hire the best employees. One way firms are dealing with this problem is by holding initial phone interviews before scheduling a face-to-face interview. As a job seeker, you need to prepare yourself well if you wish to pass this initial huddle. Below is an overview of a few […]

Why Going to School in Pajamas is Right For You

College typically encompasses some of the best years in a young person’s life: why the dorms, the shared bathrooms, the terrible food, the overpriced books, the exorbitant tuition, the parties, the hangovers. Ah, what a time. Who doesn’t remember the joys of being a ninth year senior? But, this is not for everyone. Are you […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Home Business

Starting a home business can seem like a great idea. It’s your chance to ditch those painful 9 to 5 working hours and to do something that you’re passionate about. Without the proper planning and preparation, however, your home business can easily turn into a money-sucking disaster of a project. So, roll up your sleeves […]

Day Traders: American Stereotypes that Inspire Stupidity

There’s a whole lot of hubbub in the media about the outside world’s perceptions of America. There’s a narrative that Americans are portrayed as greedy, arrogant and nosey, and a great fuss is made over public opinion. It is true that all eyes are on America, but that is because we produce so much media […]

4 Tips for Staying Organized in College

What is the Real Unemployment Rate? One thing about college is guaranteed: When you start, you’re going to be inundated with paperwork, emails, names, phone numbers, and a million other things you’ll never remember. Here’s the good news: You don’t HAVE to remember them, because we’re going to tell you how to stay organized in […]

The Fastest Growing Careers of 2012

When it comes to getting a job these days, people want to know what the fastest growing careers of 2012 will be. This way they can get into the fields that will give them the most chances to get a job now and in the future and make a good wage. Here are some of […]

Five Unusual Business Ideas

Unusual Business Ideas- Have you ever watched television infomercials when you can’t sleep, wondering why you didn’t think of that? Some business ideas seem so startlingly simple after we’re presented with them that we can’t believe that people are actually making money from them. Here are five of the most unusual business ideas that people […]