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Great Jobs for Those with a College Degree

College Degrees Lead to Good Jobs Ask anyone who is carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in college loans and they will tell you that a degree is an expensive investment. And like any investment you should be concerned with ROI (Return On Investment) or the value you get back for not only the money […]

How to Finance an MBA

Financing an MBA If you’ve decided an MBA is the best option to further your career, it’s time to get smart about paying for it. A two-year MBA program at the most prestigious schools can cost $100,000 or more for tuition, books, and living expenses. This doesn’t even include the cost of lost wages. Even […]

Job Search Scams

Unfortunately, the economy and job situations are suffering. When times are hard, unemployment is high and people are desperate, this is the perfect opportunity for others to take advantage of you. Some scams include stealing form your account to having you work for one day and then firing you. An example is a company looking for […]

Stay Ahead of Your Competition With Online Continuing Education Courses

Online Continuing Education Courses Today’s job market is incredibly competitive, with the number of applicants for each job far outstripping the number of available openings. While many careers may initially value experience over qualifications, enrolling in continuing education degrees or courses is a great way for employers to know you are up to date with […]

What is Co-Insurance?

CoInsurance: Definition Coinsurance is a tricky term to define because it can mean different things depending on which type of insurance you are talking about. It is most commonly used in health insurance and commonly means the percentage of the total health care bill that you as the insured will have to pay. In other words […]

Group Health Insurance Policies

Group Health Insurance Policies We all understand the importance of a good health insurance policy. It not only provides financial coverage against unexpected health costs but it also reduces worry about it. With the help of a good health insurance policy, you can easily reduce the risk of developing serious health issues. Uninsured people generally ignore minor health issues or […]

Social Media Marketing Consultants Needed

By Tim McMahon, editor Social Media Marketing Consultants Social Media marketing is a new field and just as happened in other new fields like web designers 15 years ago, companies are scrambling to find qualified people to perform this valuable service for them. This is truly an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of […]

What to Look for in an Online Degree Program

Even with rising Education costs and high unemployment rates it still pays to have a college degree.  (See:  The Difference a Degree Makes in Unemployment Levels)  One way to save a lot of money on your education is to use an online degree program. Many “Bricks and Mortar” Universities are offering on-line degrees as well […]

Employment vs. Unemployment

Employment – Unemployment Employment vs. unemployment… You would think that they are two sides of the same coin. But when it comes to government stats they may not be. The government uses two entirely different surveys to calculate Employment and Unemployment and as we will see since 2010 they have started to paint entirely different pictures. […]