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Employers Using Social Media for Recruitment

By Richard Cooley Employers using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? New channels that you can use to find a job… With the advent of Social Media, the old methods of job search are changing. Employers are now just as likely to check your Facebook profile as to read your resume. Let’s look at how you can use  Facebook, Linked In and […]

Almost 1 Million Unemployed Show up for 50K McDonald’s Jobs

Recently McDonald’s decided to have a mass hiring of 50,000 new employees for it’s US based hamburger restaurants some of which will be full-time and some part-time. They actually ended up hiring 62,000 new employees as a result of all the applications they received. Because many of the restaurants are owned by franchisees the wages are not controlled by […]

OECD unemployment rate remains at 8.2% in March

The OECD area unemployment rate, at 8.2% in March 2011, was unchanged from February following three consecutive monthly decreases. The Euro area unemployment rate was also stable at 9.9%. For the first time since the start of the financial crisis in 2007, unemployment rates are showing a steady or declining pattern in most OECD countries. […]