How to Start an Auto Repair Shop

Starting your own business is going to be scary no matter how bad you want it. Being your own boss and having to make all the decisions may sound appealing, but you are going to want to know a little about opening your business before you start the process. Starting an auto repair shop isn’t the most inexpensive business in the world so be sure to take the time to figure things out before you begin. Here are the basic steps you should take when opening your auto repair shop.

Create a Business Plan for Your Auto Repair Shop

auto repair shops fix all kinds of problems including exhaust systemsThe first step to starting any business is making your business plan. When creating your business plan, you should be thinking about your goals for your business and finding ways to achieve them. This is when all the major decisions should be made such as what type of vehicles you will specialize in and how much you are going to charge. Don’t forget to put down advertising methods and expenses, as well as start any other start-up costs. Your business plan should not only include your plans for startup, but expand beyond that into at least the next year. Be sure to include your budget in your plan as well.

The Garage

Location is very important to your businesses success. Take the time to seriously search your area for the right spot for your garage. Areas close to highways or in a busy city is likely to provide you with the most business, but if you’re looking to start up with as little amount of money as possible, consider using your garage at home and starting things off small to build a client base. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find an old garage with some equipment still in it, which is a super bonus considering equipment is so expensive. Once you find your ideal location, be sure that it is in the right zoning location for your type of business. If everything is proper legally, your next step will be to get the place insured. There are a lot of things that could happen in a repair shop, and you want to be sure that a small accident won’t be the ruin of your dream.


Starting a repair shop is not going to be cheap. You are going to require a large sum of money to purchase or lease the proper equipment needed to run a successful business, not to mention the money needed to acquire your shop. Chances are you aren’t going to have enough money to purchase all the things you need to open your garage, which means that you are probably going to have to get a loan. The easiest way to get a loan for your business is by visiting your bank. Talk with a representative about getting a loan, and be sure to find out the interest rate. After you have spoken with your bank, check out a few others in order to get the best deal.

Advertising Your Company

Advertising your company is what is going to draw in customers and make your business a success. There are many ways for you to put your company out there, but you’ve got to be creative to stand out from the crowd. Most likely, you aren’t going to be the only auto repair shop in your area, which means you have to set yourself apart from the rest in order to draw in the customers. This doesn’t mean you have to be the cheapest; you just have to scope out the other companies in your area and find out what their weaknesses are and play up the advantages of your business. Use word of mouth, local newspapers, and the internet to put your company out there. Social media sites are your friend when trying to advertise your starting company–recruit your friends and family to post about your auto repair shop and get the word out fast.

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